AIIP 2021 Pre-Conference Virtual Workshops 

AIIP is excited to continue its tradition of offering professional development workshops as part of our Annual Conference program, and in 2021 these pre-conference workshops like the main program will also be virtual. Unlike prior years, the pre-conference workshops will be held not in the days just before the conference but rather in the months before. 

Financial Analysis for Non-Finance Info Pros - January 20, 2021

Arthur Weiss
Info-Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategy Consultant & Trainer

As Info-pros we all have to know how to budget and do basic book keeping and accounts. But we’ll then hand over to an accountant for the rest. This workshop will go through what you need to know when analysing company financials – yours or somebody else. We’ll start with a very brief look at sources for financial information and then dive right in on what to look for, what to suspect and where to dig deeper. We’ll cover the basics – what goes into a Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements – as well as how to build these, with illustrative examples and exercises. We’ll then look at ratios to understand how a company is performing – and what to look for when looking at another company so as to answer questions like is the company healthy or a high risk. We’ll also look at what credit rating agencies look at when assessing a company – knowing this can help you have a healthy credit score. The aim is to understand, interpret, analyze, and evaluate financial documents in order to assess an organisation’s financial health and potential future. We’ll also look at some fraud indicators and there will be the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with peers.

Making Yourself Irreplaceable: The Power and Magic of the Reality-Check Conversation - February 17, 2021

Mary Ellen Bates
Infopreneur and Strategic Business Coach
Bates Information Services

Are you frustrated because you aren't getting the results you want from your marketing? When you tell someone about your business, do you get a blank look? Are you not sure what your clients would actually pay you for? You need to have some reality-check conversations! In this lively, interactive 2-hour workshop, you will learn why and how to use brief interviews to successfully pivot to a new field, add a new service, or better understand how to communicate your value. Mary Ellen uses this technique whenever she needs a fresh look at what her market needs, values and will pay her well for, and she will share her secrets on how to use this powerful tool to truly understand your clients and become irreplaceable.

Mighty Content Creation Planning for Solopreneurs - March 17, 2021

Jennifer E. Burke
President and Marketing Coach
IntelliCraft Research

Every business needs visibility to attract clients, which means marketing. Smart, strategic education-based content marketing is a perfect approach for smart solo info pros.

Consistency is the only true ‘secret’ sauce for successful marketing. But we’re just 1 person, not a marketing team?! How do we do it? With a solid strategy, systems, the right tools, and some creative shortcuts. This workshop covers the basics of content strategy, creating a realistic, repeatable 30-day plan, a top tool for keeping your ideas and marketing organized, and plenty of templates, shortcuts and tips to making creating content easier and consistent. Participants will outline 3 pieces of content and a 30-day plan that fits their business.